Making Cornwall a successful and attractive place for business



Welcome to Cornwall Business Partnership, which was formed at the start of the Objective One for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly European Funding Programme to provide a single business voice into that programme. Over the ensuing years, the partnership has successfully grown as it has linked major business representative organisations with private companies, both large and small, which operate in Cornwall and, in some cases, wider afield. 

The role of the Cornwall Business Partnership is to work with others to assist in the creation of a positive, successful business environment encouraging entrepreneurial activity in the County. To enable this agenda, we have forged close working relationships with the public sector bodies which are charged with facilitating economic development in the County. 

Aims to: 

  • Represent the views of Cornish businesses where it matters.
  • Encourage inward investment.
  • Facilitate economic development
  • Support the creation of a positive business environment in the County by encouraging entrepreneurial activity.
  • Demand excellence in enterprise.
  • Highlight our considerable successes to the business community both in Cornwall and the regions.


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